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All Club Programs

Club Members can pick one of the programs below to get right into a training plan. We offer plans for beginner, intermediate, and advanced trainees.

These programs are all barbell strength training programs. Therefore, you need to have access to AT LEAST a barbell, a rack to lift it out of, weights to put on it, and a bench. For some of the accessory exercises, gym machines or cables would be useful, however you can make substitutions with dumbbells or resistance bands. A Landmine Attachment is helpful, but not necessary- you can just wrap the end of your barbell in a towel and shove it into the corner of a room for Landmine movements.

At the bottom I've included a handful of "Limited Equipment" or "Bodyweight" programs. These programs are good for beginners, people who aren't sure about a home gym yet, or people who are travelling or forced to stay home from the gym. These programs list what equipment you might need, and one is a true "bodyweight only" program.

Beginner Barbell Strength Programs

These are the foundation upon which you will build your Church. Straight-forward, no-nonsense, general strength and conditioning can be built with these programs.

Novice Strength and Conditioning (most popular)

Novice Muscle Building 4-Day Split

This Barbell Training program has you performing Squats, Deadlifts, Presses, and accessory movements 2 or 3 times per week. These full body workouts will allow you to build strength everywhere. In addition, you get regular Cardio workouts and advice on your diet to help with weight loss. 

This is a 4-day-per-week program designed to build muscle mass (though you could also use it for weight loss). You perform 2 upper and lower body workouts per week with more accessories to help with muscle hypertrophy. 

Intermediate Barbell Strength Programs

At this point, you have to "choose your path" in your training. Are you trying to lift the heaviest possible weights? Are you trying to build a sick physique? Do you want to focus on fat loss and muscle gain? Choose one of these goals, then pick the program to suit.

Pure Strength

Body Recomposition

Push, Pull, Legs Split

"Powerbuilding" 5-Day Split

4-Week Peak: Bench Press Max Out

 Full body alternating between Volume Days and Intensity Days to drive your big lifts up. This program is for trainees interested in pure strength and less in aesthetics (though you will still build muscle on this program). This program requires 2 or 3 days per week and you will want a spotter for heavy sets.

These programs utilize higher rep sets and shorter rest times toget you moving in your workouts. This 12 week phase also includes regular cardio and nutrition info for losing fat and maintaing (or even gaining) muscle. This program requires 3 or 4 days per week at the gym.

This program is geared toward trainees who either want to go to the gym more days per week or who have more of a bodybuilding/muscle building focus. You would ideally train 6 days per week, but it can be adapted for as little as 4.

This is an "Off Season" Powerlifting type of program. Trainees will Squat 2 times a week, Bench 2 times a week, and deadlift heavy once a week (with lighter deadlifts on Squat days), workouts Monday through Friday. In addition, there will be bodybuilding accessory work to promote muscle hypertrophy. 

This is a short, brutal Bench Press program that is will almost always result in a Personal Record if you run the program all the way through. Three heavy bench workouts a week for 4 weeks, followed by a 5 day rest and max out. Can you handle it? 

Limited Equipment/
Bodyweight Programs

These workouts are for trainees who are traveling, quarantined, or otherwise can't access more useful gym equipment.

8-Week Limited Equipment Program

Beginner Bodyweight Only Program

6-Week Dumbbell Only Program

Requires: pull-up bar, 2 dumbbells, resistance bands, suspension trainer (or exercise rings). Four 2-week blocks take you from performing basic exercises all the way to performing intense Giant Sets making the most out of little equipment.

Use basic moves like Push-Ups, Squats, and Crunches to build some basic strength, and Cardio to burn calories and promote weight loss. 8 weeks in length with progressive difficulty.

This program utilizes only a set of adjustable dumbbells (or several pairs at differing wegihts). Four full-body workouts that only take about 25 minutes per workout. Perfect for busy parents with limited equipment.

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